Today: Thu 22 Feb 2018

Blue Dogs Spotted in Mumbai, India; What's Causing It?

It was an uncommon scene when the dogs in Taloja, an industrial neighborhood in Mumbai, were strolling around with bright blue fur.

The residents noticed this strange thing and informed NMAPC (Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell), fearing that they might be infected with some dangerous pollutant.

After inspection, the protection cell told National Geographic that heavy rains have washed the dogs clean. Also, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) informed that they had caught one of the dogs, and were able to clean it up.
Now, the intriguing question was, how the dogs turned blue?

Reports suggest that the dogs were likely affected by untreated industrial waste that had been allegedly dumped by a detergent company into the Kasadi River. The dogs reportedly swam in the water to cool off and thus, got affected.
According to SPCA, five dogs were initially affected, but there could be more in the area as there is a higher population of strays. The good news is that they are all fine and healthy.

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