Today: Tue 20 Feb 2018

850mb Temperature, Humidity and Winds

Warm advection at 850 mb is often indicative of rising temperatures at the surface, while cold advection at this level often precedes falling temperatures.

  • Colored contours indicate the air temperature at the 850 millibar level, in degrees Celsius. The 0°C contour is highlighted, as this is also often used as a divider between rain and snow.
  • The green shading indicates the relative humidity percentage at the 850 millibar level. High values indicate the availability of moisture. When large rates of ascent (in panel 3) are located with high moisture availability, heavy rainfall will likely occur.
  • The streamlines indicate the wind direction.
  • Advection of moisture by the wind can be inferred by noticing the direction and rate at which moist areas appear to be blown. Similarly, temperature advection can be inferred by noticing whether the wind is blowing cold air toward a warm region, or warm air toward a cold region.

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